About Us

Making First Aid Smart & Simple for A Quarter of A Century

Frontline Innovations was founded to help first-responding healthcare staff, such as paramedics, by making their work easier and providing a better standard of care to their patients. Incorporated in 1991 by Ken Bailey, a Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance paramedic who had grown frustrated with the primitive design of many common medical tools, Frontline strived to offer a more intelligent alternative to the healthcare industry, drawing on common complaints and issues from doctors and nurses.

Delivering the support frontline medical staff require

Frontline Innovations’ first and most transformative product was the Emesis Bag, or EmBag as it is commonly known. Having spent years tending to poisoned and ill members of the public in a speeding ambulance, Ken had become frustrated with the flimsiness and propensity to spill of the then-standard issue paper vomit bags. Not only did it create a foul odour and was an additional element to manage in the cramped confines of an ambulance, spillage also had the potential to create a tripping hazard.

To remedy these issues, Ken created an all-plastic bag that was immune to saturation and leakage, and equipped it with a specially-designed twist ‘n’ lock rigid plastic ring opening. This design meant that the bag loosely cupped the patient’s mouth during use to minimise spills, and could be sealed afterwards containing the liquid and the odour. Naming it the Emesis Bag, the product’s value was quickly recognised and take-up was rapid, becoming standard across the healthcare industry and the preferred choice of sickness bag for many airlines and travel organisations.

A revolutionary collection of products

Since the initial development of the EmBag, we have expanded our offering to include a number of other products including easy to sanitise rapid EmBag dispensers, absorbents and spill kits to make cleaning up bodily fluids faster and more hygienic. These products enhance the capabilities of EmBag users, making hazardous, unsanitary and distasteful aspects of working in healthcare simple and easier, allowing them to spend more time caring for their patients.

Frontline Innovations has gone from strength to strength in more than 25 years of operations, expanding our supply chain to offer our range to companies around the world. Find a supplier in your country on our international distributors page, or get in touch with our Australian head office with any questions via our contact page and we’ll respond as soon as possible.