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Hospitals and Ambulance Services (including EMS)


Our hospital-grade sick bags are ideal for almost every hospital department, including Oncology, Recovery, Surgery, Labour Wards, Accident and Emergency and Outpatients.

Hospitals, Ambulances and EMS can enjoy significant savings by buying vomit bags in bulk.

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 Medical and Dental Clinics



Vomiting is an unfortunate reality within the medical environment.  As such many surgeries, medical, dental and orthodontic clinics choose our sickness bags in case of just such an emergency.

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School and Childcare Facilities



If you work with children you know that sickness is not only disruptive in the classroom or on excursions, it also poses an OH&S risk for teachers and staff who have to clean up.  Our vomit bag saves time and money on cleaning and provides peace of mind with its superior infection control features.

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Day and Aged Care Facilities



Sick bags provide highly effective infection control, with a deep bag and locking feature, our vomit bag offers protection for staff and other patients and protects uniforms and bed linen from soiling when dealing with a sick patient.

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Coaches, Taxis and Boats



Car sickness brought on by travelling in a vehicle, or over indulgence, is a real issue in the passenger transportation industry.  Our travel sick bags save you the inconvenience of cleaning up vomit mess and means that your vehicle doesn't have to be off the road.

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Home Use



Chuckie's Sick Bags have proved to be invaluable for many parents and children both at home and in the car.  Whether managing sickness such as gastro, the side effects of chemotherapy or as a Mum to be suffering from morning sickness, or for many people, including children who suffer from motion sickness our sick bags have been hailed a “lifesaver”!

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